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Twilight November 22, 2008

Posted by Jordan in Movies, Thoughts, Twilight.
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saw it tonight. full disclosure: I haven’t read the books yet, but have read a decent amount of the first one and knew a respectable amount going in about the characters. will DEFINITELY be reading them in the next few weeks.

wow. i liked it. it was … i don’t know, it’s kind of hard to quantify, but i loved the mood and the vibe they created. it was intoxicating and entrancing. loved the quirky things, like the Cullens watching the cooking TV show and Bella’s dad casually giving the ok to bring Edward in as he is loading the shotgun. and it was like … watching it, it’s almost like it takes itself too seriously and yet somehow remains self-aware. again, it’s hard to describe.

this next thing might end up being really hard to blog about without sounding completely gay, but my man-card has been damn near permanently revoked at this point anyway, so screw it. it absolutely makes sense to me why so many girls (and their moms, for that matter) are such big fans of Edward, almost as if they are legitimately frustrated that Robert Pattinson isn’t just Edward brought to life. and it’s not just Edward and how dreamy he is, or whatever, but it’s the way he looks at Bella, and the way Bella seems to just be transformed by being around him. it’s the effect they have on each other. it’s a love that’s pure, unfiltered, dangerous, sexy, scary, and uncertain. that kind of feeling for each other, the intensity that flares every time they lock eyes – it’s almost blinding. nothing else matters. it’s just magical. and honestly, i’m glad that so many women have fallen for him and wish that they could be the one to see his skin sparkle, or to stand at the top of a massive tree after being carried up on his back, or lay in a field of grass and just gaze at each other. it’s saddening and puzzling to me when i wonder why those feelings and those experiences seem to be so rare now. not just for me, mind you, but for anyone. i fear that people are becoming more cynical and more isolated. i hope i’m wrong, to be sure, but i see such a strange dichotomy much more often than i would like. we live in the technological age, with all these different ways to connect with one other, whether it’s MySpace, blogging communities like this one, text messaging, Bluetooth, etc. and yet, even with all this at our disposal, i can’t help worrying that it will all end up as insulation, and that it will end up taking away the human aspect of everything. anyway, i hope Edward and Bella’s incredible romance makes all those women more discerning and more willing to pay extra attention for that magic, more likely to turn guys down who find it easier to tear them down then lift them up. we are in desperate need of more relationships like theirs. maybe not to the extent of worrying about whether or not kissing your significant other will end up getting you bitten, but we all need to see interaction like theirs. the way they look at each other, it’s almost as if they’re the first member of the opposite sex that the other one has seen. and they’re so immersed in that, so wondrous about just how it is possible that someone could exist who can make them forget where they are and make them wonder why they ever thought anything else had any significance at all.

maybe i’m delusional, but i refuse and soundly reject the notion that all of what i just mentioned, all of those feelings, have to be confined to the movies. those feelings and those indescribable moments of wonder and of ecstasy are out there, waiting for those of us who believe in them to find them. here’s to never accepting otherwise and being brave and hopeful enough to continue the search.