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mushroom ravioli. January 3, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Movies, Thoughts, Twilight.
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You know what’s probably my favorite scene in Twilight? It’s only a couple of minutes long, but¬†I LOVE the scene when Edward and Bella go to the restaurant in Port Angeles. It’s just so simple and beautiful. “Never Think” fits perfectly in the background … the lighting’s almost muted, like candle light, so that their faces seem to be more illuminated by something in between them than by anything around them, just as their relationship is. Their love is kept vital by their hearts, not by any outside influences. They don’t need a reference point or anyone else to tell them how they should feel, because they know exactly what they should be feeling when they look at each other in that restaurant, sitting at that table. Just before¬†Edward says to Bella that he lacks the strength to stay away from her, the anguish in his face is heartbreaking. And then, after she says “then don’t” … they both look so fascinated, so enthralled by each other, that to me, it’s frustrating when the shot cuts away to them in his car. It’s wonderful to see them look at each other like that.