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A Romance By The Wings Of Icarus April 25, 2011

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“As the flame of the candle stands still in the biting air, and the silhouettes of a broken man crash to the floor, he rues the day he flew too close to the sun, recalling her smile, as his wings melted and he descended to the depths below. She had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold. Her beauty beckoning his soul, defenseless he fell enamored by her intoxicating charm. She had spoken of things, which he began to believe. This was not supposed to be, screamed the temptress. Empathy being her only vice she constructed a heart shaped tomb, there she swore she would lie and perish, with his wings charred and the pieces of his heart lying in ruins on the floor. She had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold.
He dreams of a day when the candle would begin to flicker in the cold night air, perhaps then he would fly again. He will fly again…”

Amy Lee, you own me. January 14, 2010

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Anywhere“, “Where Will You Go“, and “Hello“, by Evanescence. Those tracks … just amazing. The FIRE that you feel when Amy sings – it’s nearly indescribable! Those songs make me think of rain, night, love letters, flowing long dark hair against fair skin, eyeliner, crying, screaming, love, that girl at the PostSecret event with the shaky voice that didn’t think her secret would make anyone laugh or applaud (check the video here, at the 2:46 mark), those two girls at the Slipknot concert that brought them a painting and a scrapbook and thanked them with tears in their eyes (check it out here, at the 8:56 mark), all-consuming single-minded love, The Crow, staying up all night talking, being young and just not having it all figured out, holding hands at the mall, meeting at a park, hiding out in a bookstore, finding solace only through each other, and everything else pure and wonderful in life.

What I am not. Not yet, anyway. June 20, 2009

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Ok, so, my last post was about what I want. All of that still applies. This post will be about what I am not. At least, not yet. I remain hopeful. If you’re confused – and you probably are – keep reading.

First, before I can really explain, you should watch this video, and then continue reading what’s below it.

Now, you may have indeed watched it, but did you really see it? Did you truly listen to it?

Since you’re all caught up, here’s what I am not.

I am not good enough, pure enough, decent enough, or worthy enough to bear witness to art that is that beautiful.

It’s a bit of a sobering thought, but it’s true. I don’t deserve to get to experience something like that. I don’t really know how (or why) I’ve been deemed lucky enough to get to experience it anyway, and I don’t really know whether my being cognizant of this is a blessing or a curse.

But, as I said above, I remain hopeful. I don’t know what the process is here, or how I’m supposed to reconcile any of this with myself, but I’m trying. I can be better. We all can be.

Some search terms that have apparently led people to my blog. April 28, 2009

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I haven’t really seen people end up at my blog through lots of crazy, absurd searches that have nothing whatsoever to do with anything I write about, but I have seen some pretty funny searches in my stats, a few of which I will list below:

what page in midnight sun do edward and bella go to the resterant – Ah! You came to the right place for that – I’ve got you covered! It’s page 180!

alice cullen hot – Uh, DUH. “Hot” is SUCH an inadequate word for this. Step that up to “jaw-droppingly beautiful” or “hotter than the surface of the sun” or “so gorgeous it makes you want to cry” and THEN we’ll talk. Ashley Greene at least deserves that. Actually, she deserves to get anything she wants, but that’s beside the point.

deathcore hip hop – Not exactly sure what the idea was on this one … perhaps homeboy (or homegirl) couldn’t decide if he/she was feeling some Whitechapel or some Wu-Tang Clan? Some Oceano or some Chamillionaire? Some Despised Icon or some Eric B. & Rakim? Just seeing all those artist names in the same sentences is making my head hurt.

does robert pattinson have an age limit – Ok, this could seriously be interpreted, like, a million different ways. I’m guessing it was either a 14-year-old girl who was unsure with regards to how to investigate the legalities of drugging RPattz with a few of her friends and doing naughty, illegal things to him, or a woman in her 50’s who was trying to make sure that Rob hasn’t come out in an interview and definitively stated that he doesn’t go for mature, more experienced woman.

rpattz kstew appreciation thread – Got you covered on this one, too! The awesome ladies at the Letters To Twilight Forum love discussing Rob and Kristen! Go here!

some people like shit deathcore – Are you sure that you weren’t actually looking for Lambgoat? Absolutely positive you weren’t trying to get here? Because, if ultra-critical hyper-insensitive scene commentary is your bag, than those dudes just might be your soulmates.

does esme cullen smoke cigarettes –  No way! She’s married to a DOCTOR! Not that the Cullens smoking would exactly bear lots of long-term health consequences, but still! Also, a brief note to Elizabeth Reaser, if you’re reading this: I have no idea if you smoke or not, but regardless, don’t give people that search for questions like that any more reason to suspect! Stay away, girl!

quotes life goo goo dolls – I love this search. LOVE it. I don’t even have a more thought-out comment on this one – they’re just fantastic, and I can’t wait to hear their new album!

Emotion In Music April 16, 2009

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Monday, I was on Twitter and caught what was, for me, a really thought-provoking post from Chamillionaire, as follows:

“Does music have to capture some kind of emotion to be good? Is it possible for a song to not capture any emotion?”

My reaction, at least to the second question, is that I just don’t think that’s possible. If there is such a song out there – one that is completely devoid of emotion – I certainly haven’t heard it. I mean, that’s what makes music music – it’s the outpouring, expression, and displaying of emotion by way of song. Even songs that might not connect with you or resonate with you in any way can still be powerful and meaningful to others.

What do you think?

500 Days Of Summer April 3, 2009

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If you haven’t heard about 500 Days Of Summer, or seen the trailer, then you must go to the film’s website and check it out. I am SO stoked for it. July 17th is seriously too long to have to wait. Ever since it apparently blew everyone away at Sundance, I’ve heard almost nothing but overwhelmingly positive things about it, and I think it looks fantastic.

July 17th. ARGH. TOO LONG.


Also, on a completely different note, the gauntlet is seriously getting thrown down tomorrow night. (technically tonight, Friday) BIG metal show here. Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Whitechapel, Psycroptic, and Veil Of Maya. SWEET. Got my ticket this afternoon – I will be there, MOS DEF.

Scale The Summit March 29, 2009

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Found this really talented, interesting new band earlier today. They’re called Scale The Summit, and they’re an instrumental band. At their music’s core, it’s metal with a progressive flavor – think Between The Buried And Me, but without the keyboard, the vocals, the oppressive minor-key riffage, and the “technical for the sake of being technical” stuff. I hesitate to use a term like “prog-metal” for them, because they, unlike most other metal bands, are actually not afraid to use major keys, and they have some slower, more melodic, relaxed parts in their music that are really captivating and beautiful. At some points, it’s almost like you’re listening to a heavier version of a band like Explosions In The Sky, but the music stays clear, open, and well-defined – it’s not suffocating or weighty enough to be compared to “post-metal” bands like Isis or Pelican.

They call their music “adventure metal”, so check them out if you wanna go for a ride.

The power that music can possess never ceases to amaze me. March 27, 2009

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Random thought before I get to the main idea of this post: Ryan Adams’ version of “Wonderwall” by Oasis is fantastic. I’ve probably listened to it ten times tonight.

I needed to get out of the house for a little while tonight. I just needed to get some fresh air, and be exposed to some stimuli, knowwhatimsayin? So I went to an arcade and played a few video games. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, as I was driving back to my house, I was listening to the Twilight Soundtrack. I pulled into the driveway while listening to Iron And Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”, and I’m not entirely sure how to explain what happened next. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I was completely entranced. I must have listened to it five or six times straight before I “woke up” and got out of my car. I’ve sat alone in my car listening to music an innumerable amount of times before, and there have been times when I feel like I might not ever come back to Earth from whatever place the music takes me to, but this was different. It was like contrasting things happening simultaneously – like, my heart sped up quite a bit, because of the intense, simple beauty of that song, and because I couldn’t help but picture how beautiful the prom scene is that that song is used for in the movie. Yet, just as my heart was reacting that way, the longer I listened to the song, I actually felt more and more relaxed, almost like I could just drift right off to sleep. It was such a strange emotional juxtaposition – once I actually got into the house, it took me a few minutes to recover, so that I could process thoughts normally again.

Music is and will forever be the sun to my earth.

Word Of The Day #1 March 24, 2009

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I’m going to try to keep the Word Of The Day going – maybe not every day, but often enough. I’ll post the word, the definition, and something (a picture, a video, a song, a quote – whatever comes to mind) that I associate with it.

Today’s WOTD is awe-inspiring. The definition can be found here.

This song … well, it’s a lot of things, but awe-inspiring is definitely one way to describe it, at least in my opinion. You don’t even have to watch the video – just turn the volume up and the lights off, and close your eyes. If you wait the four and a half minutes until the end of the song to open them again, it’s like you’re waking up from a great nap, or refreshed and invigorated after going for a dip in a cool stream.

metal/hardcore songs of the day. March 3, 2009

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“The Great Red Shift” by Most Precious Blood. that song has SO. MUCH. GROOVE. omg. it’s awesome, and I REALLY need to see them live. actually, homeboys need to tour again so that I have the opportunity to see them live, but still. you know what I mean.

“Social Jihad And Genocide. The Only Certainty In An Uncertain World With No Promise Of Tomorrow” by Misericordiam. The fade-in/blasting intro to that track is SWEET. It’s simple and gratuitous and trendy and uses pig squeals, but whatever. It rocks. They, also, would be fantastic to see live.

“The World’s Havoc” by Maroon. Again, like the Misericordiam track, there are some concessions that have to be made when talking about this band, if you’re going to be honest. It’s Gothenburg-influenced German metalcore, in much the same vein as Neaera, Heaven Shall Burn, and Caliban (all those bands know each other really well, so that shouldn’t be a surprise), so it’s kind of derivative by nature. However, that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be enjoyable to listen to, and this song, in my opinion, has one of the best breakdowns EVER at the end.

“Spearheading The Spawn” by Neaera. More of a melodic death metal vibe going on here, as compared to the above Maroon song, which is more of a At The Gates-meets-Hatebreed kind of thing. LOVE the intro to this song. It’s obviously heavily layered and over-produced, and you can make the argument that it sort of takes away some of the song’s impact, but it still rips. Also, the instrumental outro part is FANTASTIC – the kick drum fills are awesome. I like songs like that – ones that feel like they don’t have to end just because the vocals do. Another good example is “Eyes Of A Criminal” by Chimaira.

Pantera – Official Live: 101 Proof. The whole album. Show me a metal live album that sounds better and has more groove than this one, and I’ll get a mirror, hold it up to your face, and show you a liar. There is no such thing. It’s amazing – Dimebag’s guitar sounds like it’s on fire (in a good way). There are no words for how powerful this band was, and for how much I wish I could have seen them play live and just completely rip some place apart.