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so, I’m officially on the Twitter bandwagon now. March 26, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Uncategorized.

We’ll see how it goes – if you want to help convince me that Twitter is awesome, and that I should hang out, than come follow me and say Hi! My profile can be found here. Also, I now have a widget on my sidebar that shows recent updates – it’s directly above the links, on the right side.


1. themoonisdown - March 28, 2009

you drank the koolaid!!


ps we’re following you (that sounds creepy. it should be!)

2. Jordan - March 28, 2009

haha, yeah, i drank the kool-aid, took the nestea plunge, etc.

also, have you SEEN ?uestlove’s Twitter account? OMG – SO GOOD. that dude’s Melanin Quotient is off the charts. (“Melanin Quotient” is a term that some of my friends and I use to refer to how black, and, consequently, how awesome, someone or something is – we’re stupid.)

3. Jordan - March 28, 2009

like, here’s a sample Tweet from him:

“the second time ive seen a nude woman walking in a miami establishment of food like it aint no thing”

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