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the twilight director’s notebook, hoodies, professional wrestling, and a tragic loss. March 19, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Books, Thoughts, Twilight.
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So, after an unsuccessful Wal-Mart run late Monday night to see if they had any copies of the Twilight Director’s Notebook on the shelves, I dropped by again last night and grabbed it.

It’s smaller than I figured it would be – I was thinking it would be comparable to that Movie Companion that was put out last year, but it’s more compact. It’s actually really close to the books, as far as dimensions go, which works too. Also expected softcover – don’t know why, just the vibe I got from reading about it – but it’s hardback. I’ve read some complaints about all the text actually being hand-lettered by Catherine Hardwicke, mostly that it can get a bit difficult to read sometimes, but I totally disagree – her writing gives the pages lots of personality and energy. There are doodles and annotations all over the place, which, going with the idea they probably wanted, makes it feel more like a real journal.

Also, LOVED the picture and description of what Catherine’s copy of Twilight looks like now – creases everywhere, scotch tape on the spine, Post-It notes sticking out. Fantastic. So broken-in and … comfortable. Like opening it up is as if you’re stepping into your favorite pair of shoes, or throwing on your favorite hoodie that’s like a bedroom that you can wear. Mine will, eventually, probably look like that … the next time I read it, which will likely be sooner rather than later, I need to grab some pens and start color-coding certain parts of it and just flowing, almost like you do when you write in a journal. Is it weird to, while reading a book, experience some of the same feelings you get when adding to a journal or diary? Like it’s almost … private? Like, even though the words you’re reading aren’t yours, there’s still that feeling of intimacy that you get when reading a journal entry or reading over a long e-mail before sending it? I don’t know … that might not make sense, but it makes sense to me, and I think the effect those books have on people is amazing.

Honestly, it almost feels weird, or insufficient, to use the word “read” to describe the act of reading them, because you’re doing more than that. You’re stepping into something. To use another clothing analogy – and this might not resonate with those of you who aren’t as awestruck as I am by the incredibly high Awesomeness Quotient of hoodies – it’s like the difference between wearing a hoodie with the hood off and wearing one with the hood on. Again, I’m sort of a hoodie fanboy, so bear with me (as my Analogy Rollercoaster threatens to run completely off the tracks), but it’s a COMPLETELY different experience, I assure you. 

Wearing one with the hood off is still ok, because you know the hood is there if you need it. It’s like a safety net – like the “Kill” and “Reset” buttons Tommy Lee has tattooed on his arm. It’s available, should your situation change.

But wearing one with the hood on? Dude. That’s REAL. For anyone that used to watch WWE (back when it was still the WWF), it’s like when Vince McMahon would be in the ring talking about whatever, and then, all of a sudden, the glass would break, Steve Austin’s music would come on, he’d saunter out with a steel chair in tow, the crowd would be going completely berserk, and Jim Ross would be absolutely beside himself, like “OHMIGAWD, IT’S STONE COLD! HE’S HERE! BUSINESS IS FOR DAMN SURE GONNA PICK UP, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!” Yeah. That’s what going from “sans hood” to “hood power: activated” is like. It’s taking things up a notch.

That’s what reading The Twilight Saga is. That’s the difference. Going allll the way back to my original point (I promise, I do have one), saying that you “read” them is just not enough. That’s such a cold, sanitized way of describing it – as if the interaction you have with the books is nothing more than simply reading the words. There are, I would suspect, thousands (if not millions) of other Twilighters out there who would join me in profound disagreement with that. We know how much more there is to it than that, and how strong the connection is.

Another thought: I absolutely can not wait for The Official Guide, whenever they actually figure out the release date for it. I’m really interested to see what ends up being included, and, of course, completely geeking out over it with the girls at Letters To Twilight.

Last thing: I heard earlier tonight about Natasha Richardson’s tragic passing. That’s awful. Awful. I love watching her in the remake of The Parent Trap, and watching that movie now (and seeing how she just brightens up every scene that she’s in) will be quite sad. Also, I feel terrible for Liam Neeson and their sons. Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever (I watch it, at a minimum, a couple of times a year), and seeing him in that movie now will be heartbreaking, considering that his character has just lost his wife.


1. themoonisdown - March 19, 2009

you’re such a bigger fan than i am! i still havent gotten the notebook but everyones saying it’s so awesome and i need to get it. probably doesnt help that i’ve been out of town on business but cant wait to see it!!

ps i’m DYING for the official guide. COME on stephenie!

love this: “I’m really interested to see what ends up being included, and, of course, completely geeking out over it with the girls at Letters To Twilight.”

2. themoonisdown - March 19, 2009

ps i think i’m giving you the title: unicorn in residence over at LTT


3. UnintendedChoice - March 19, 2009

we heart you tons!

4. Jordan - March 19, 2009

@ Moon – Yeah, I’ve seen some fairly derisive things said about the notebook by people who are probably casual readers, but I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s not meant for them, so I think that kind of criticism has to be taken with a pretty large grain of salt, so to speak. It’s meant for Twilighters.

So, “unicorn in residence”? I like it! Even though most of my friends wouldn’t care, I would totally have to find ways to mention that in casual conversation (I’m trying to slowly but surely make them see the light and join us, lol)

5. Amanda - March 23, 2009

I just want to say thank you: for being brave enough to put your thoughts out there, as a man who loves “Twilight.” I love reading your blog entries because you put into eloquent words how I feel about the books. It truly is an experience, not just reading but being in that moment. I’m 25 years old and I can still remember the pangs of my first love (it was unrequited.) So anyway, keep up the good work 😀

6. Jordan - March 24, 2009

Hey Amanda! Glad you stopped by, and it’s certainly flattering to hear (or read, I guess) that you enjoy and have been able to connect with some of what I’ve said, so let me say Thank You to you, as well!

It’s so fascinating to me, how some of the feelings I’ve mentioned (and that you briefly touched on in your comment) in regards to the books … well, they seem to be almost universal, at least amongst Twilighters, and I’ve seen so many different people start off reviews or blog entries about one of the books with sentences like “So, Stephenie isn’t the greatest writer, and I didn’t really want to like her books, but OMG – I COULD NOT STOP READING THEM!” People become captivated by them, in some cases without even really understanding why. Everyone’s different, of course, but Edward & Bella’s relationship is the Sun that everything else in the Twilight Galaxy revolves around, and I think people just love seeing them together. They love seeing a relationship that’s actually based on love – not one that’s based on lust.

And I need to quit rambling, before I end up turning this comment into a blog entry, lol. Do you have a blog?

7. Amanda - March 25, 2009

I blog on facebook and myspace. I haven’t added anything new to my blogspot in a long time. Can I email you my links?

8. Jordan - March 25, 2009


frozenfireexpert AT gmail DOT com

9. Fortress Guy - April 13, 2009

Thanks for describing the Twilight Director’s Notebook. I may have to check that out. I like that hand written feel.

I am such a newb to this series. I just posted a take on the film if you want to check it out. But as a vet do not be too hard on the new guy. 😉


10. Frances - April 20, 2009

Hi (again) Jordan! I completely get what you mean when you say “Is it weird to, while reading a book, experience some of the same feelings you get when adding to a journal or diary? Like it’s almost … private? Like, even though the words you’re reading aren’t yours, there’s still that feeling of intimacy”. I actually just wrote a post about that last night. http://perpetualfangirl.blogspot.com/2009/04/sharing-wealth.html I just gave Twilight to my mom to read and I feel really possessive of it. I get that way about a lot of things that I love. Like when my brother watched his first Kevin Smith movie, I almost got jealous (yes, JEALOUS. crazy.) that he was discovering something that was so personal to me.

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