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I stayed up most of last night reading Midnight Sun. Also, I wish extreme discomfort upon whoever leaked it. March 9, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Twilight.
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Why did the evil, moronic, despicable person who saw fit to leak Stephenie Meyer’s half-finished draft of Midnight Sun onto the internet have to be evil, moronic, and despicable enough to leak Stephenie Meyer’s half-finished draft of Midnight Sun onto the internet??


I’m sure that I part company with approximately zero fellow Twilighters on this point, so it’s not like I’m expounding upon a revolutionary point of view or anything, BUT STILL. ARGH.

I really sat down with it last night, and it was, unsurprisingly, completely engrossing. I ended up staying up for a good amount of the night reading most of it and will probably finish it later tonight. It was jarring and refreshing to hear Edward’s inner monologue, instead of Bella’s. I also loved how amazed he is when he considers how he could have possibly overlooked her beauty when they first saw each other. Of course, he ultimately does understand what initially caused him to not see her in that way – the overwhelming force of her scent – but, even despite that, he’s still completely unable to view her any differently once he really sees her, and he’s amazed that her scent could be powerful enough to distract him, even for a moment, from looking at her with eyes filled with nothing but fervent love.

I couldn’t help but smile when reading about just how excited Alice was at the notion of being friends with Bella. “Can I talk to Bella now??” made me laugh out loud, and I enjoyed seeing that she, of course, wants Edward to be happy, but that she also simply looks forward to hanging out with Bella and having her as a girlfriend. It was also heart-warming to see Esme’s ecstatic happiness that her son, the one who always seemed to end up alone, might have actually found someone to share his life with. Perhaps understandably, Edward falling for Bella isn’t exactly viewed as great news by most of the Cullens – Jasper is cautious, Rosalie is horrified, Emmett is probably more amused than anything else, Carlisle is happy for Edward but also intensely aware of the dangers posed, and even Alice is a bit worried despite her excitement over the idea – but Esme? She’s thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. She couldn’t be happier.

So, even considering how enjoyable it was to read, and how much I look forward to getting back to it, I remain extremely annoyed that Stephenie’s artistic integrity was attacked, and that her work was shown to the rest of the world in a state much earlier than she wanted the public to see it in. For the record, I don’t generally involve myself in piracy, and I justified reading it only because Stephenie decided to make it available on her website. If she had not, or if she were still working on it, I would stay away. I can’t say that I blame her for suspending the project out of frustration, either, but I do hope that, perhaps in the next couple of years, after she’s gotten a bit of distance and spent some more time with her family, she can continue and finish at least that one book through Edward’s eyes. I like that the idea didn’t start as any sort of a business decision, but merely as one example of how her love for her characters manifests itself – it was simply Stephenie wanting to see how Edward would tell the story and where it would go.


1. Lacey - March 9, 2009

Well said! I absolutely love Midnight Sun, before I first read it I was concerned that I would be bored with it since I already read Twilight and it was basically just going to be reiterating the first book. I was SO wrong. Seeing it through Edwards eyes was a completely different journey, and it put Edwards character in a whole new light for me. Since Bella always saw him as being so perfect. We finally got to see how Edward viewed himself and how real his love for Bella was!

2. '86 Rabbit - March 10, 2009

I agree. Well said!

When I first heard of Midnight Sun I wondered what she could possibly add to the story to make it interesting. I actually laughed out loud when I considered the possibilities: the third of her life that Bella sleeps, Alice bugging Edward at home about the things she’s seeing, Edward over-reacting, and then simply finding out if I was reading Edward’s facial expressions (that Bella seemed to be missing or not really paying attention to) correctly.

My heart broke when I read it and found that this could quite possibly be her best work yet and we may never read the finished product, especially since it turns out that I know Edward better than I ever dreamed. I want to read the finished book so I can know Edward even more completely.

BTW someone just posted something on Midnight Sun and it says that Stephenie said something in November 2008 about going back to it maybe in about two years if she stops hearing about it. I think she just wants people to back off and forget about it so she can write in peace. Can’t blame her. I’m writing a book. I’d be horrified if people read it before I was ready and then pressured me to finish on their timeline.

3. '86 Rabbit - March 10, 2009

I went back and grabbed the link in case you miss the article.


4. Jordan - March 11, 2009

@ Lacey – I completely agree about it being a totally different journey – that’s a great way to put it.

@ Rabbit – Yeah, I actually read about that interview you’re referring to, when SM mentioned that. The way she explained it made a lot of sense, about how she can only really write when she feels “alone” with the manuscript and knows that no one else has cast judgment on it yet.

5. '86 Rabbit - March 13, 2009

I can really relate to that, the being alone part. I’ve told many people that I’m writing a book, but I rarely ever tell them anything more than it’s about vampires. I’m not sure how much I should share, but mostly it’s a feeling of not being ready to share. Very few people know the details. The few who do know details are my sounding boards. It’s the judgement that I’d have a hard time with, too. Everyone having an opinion on something I hadn’t finished writing would be paralyzing.

6. Jordan - March 14, 2009

Yeah, I would imagine that it would make seeing your vision for the work harder when you have the opinions of lots of others floating around. Understandable.

7. themoonisdown - March 19, 2009

A-MEN!!! it KILLS me that smeyers is all butthurt about it being leaked and that she says she may never finish it, cause seriously i talk about it all the time at LTT and LTR MS is quite possibly my fave or at least top 2.

curses on the leaker!!

8. Spank Ransom - March 26, 2009

I want at whoever leaked it when you’re done with that #$%@#@$

9. Jordan - March 26, 2009

hahaha, yeah, no joke – here’s what I think we should do, if the identity of The Evil Leaker is ever revealed:

if The Evil Leaker is a guy: make him watch Twilight over and over, except with Jonas Brothers songs dubbed over the audio, at ear-piercing volume

if The Evil Leaker is a girl: make her watch Twilight over and over, except with every scene including Edward edited out (torture of the worse kind, right?)

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