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Twi-Stuff Update! February 25, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Twilight.
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Got the Alice long sleeve shirt a couple of days ago!

Front Of Shirt

Back Of Shirt

So yeah – super stoked about that! Also, I finally got around to pre-ordering the DVD at the Hot Topic in our mall!

Preorder Stuff

That midnight release party will be CRAZY. Of course, I’m completely excited about it and think it will be awesome. One of my best friends works at our Hot Topic, and he and I laughed about it a lot the other day, because I was saying that I’m gonna stick out like a sore thumb (I’m 6’4″ and about 225) next to everyone else (read: teenage girls) there. Whatever. I don’t even care. I’m also going to wear the Alice shirt, which my friend said I might end up getting beat down for. My mom even made a comment about it – the other day, when we were on the phone, I was telling her about how I needed to go pre-order the DVD, and about the release party Hot Topic is organizing, and she was like “Yeah, you definitely need to – you know you want to be there.” Then I told her that, to my knowledge, they had gotten about 100 pre-orders for it so far, and she said “oh, okay – so when you go reserve yours, it’ll be 100 to 1, girls to guys! Or, I guess I should say girls to guy!” I loved that she was lauging about it too! I can’t wait!


1. '86 Rabbit - February 25, 2009

Love the shirt! That’s the color I would get, too. I hope you wear it to the release party.

Your mom sounds fun!

2. spreadhopelikefire - February 26, 2009

Oh, I’m absolutely wearing it to the release party! That’s why I went ahead and ordered it now.

And yeah, my mom gets lots of laughs at my expense – she and I don’t live in the same town anymore, so she misses out on most of the minutiae in my life, and she loves hearing my Twilight stories, lol

3. Lacey - March 1, 2009

sweeeeet shirt! Wear it proud! There needs to be more guys like you who understand the greatness of Twilight!

4. spreadhopelikefire - March 2, 2009

Thanks! I’m way excited about it, and if I can manage to get some decent pictures from the DVD release party in a few weeks, I’ll put them on here!

And, I assure you, I’ve tried to get more guys into the Twi-life – so I speak from experience when I say that it’s much easier said than done, lol. I have, however, gotten three girls, including my sister, to be Twilighters!

5. doramitchell - March 5, 2009

I followed a link here from Letters to Twilight, after reading this quote from you: “Maybe I’m delusional, but I refuse and soundly reject the notion that all of what I just mentioned, all of those feelings, have to be confined to the movies.” Aww…*schniff*

After reading that, there ought to be a million comments here from girls wanting to meet you, LOL… I’m married, but I still had to INSTANTLY head over here and check out the awesome guy who would say something like that 😀 I agree with you on that completely… Now, how ’bout you giving my husband some sensitivity classes or something?! 🙂

6. spreadhopelikefire - March 6, 2009

Hi Dora! I’m glad you stopped by, and thanks for leaving such a nice comment!

Your mention of sensitivity classes cracked me up, because one of the first comments on the Letters To Twilight post with my letter in it was from a girl that said something very similar to that! She said that I should hold classes and teach guys (the LTT readers’ significant others, more specifically) how to appreciate the series and Edward and Bella’s romance. So perhaps you’re onto something!

Considering I know next to nothing about you, I’m not sure how much help I can be, lol, but here’s a random idea: if he’s in the habit of turning you down just about every time you mention wanting to watch a movie that he thinks of as a “chick flick”, try one with a really strong comedic element, and present it to him not as a rom-com, but just as a comedy. In my opinion, Hitch (with Will Smith and Kevin James) is a great example of that. Then, if he likes that, try one that’s still funny but tips the scales a bit more towards the sentimental/romantic, like What Women Want (with Mel Gibson). Ease him in, and see if you can get any positive reactions! lol

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