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Sunn O))) February 23, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Music.
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For anyone who’s interested in music that really stretches the limits of heavy metal – actually, scratch that. Music that really stretches the limits of the very idea of music – listen to Sunn O))). Yes, that’s the name of the band – “Sunn O)))”. It’s pronounced as “sun”. I found this archived New York Times piece about them to be absolutely fascinating. This stuff is … well, it’s generally aimed at an incredibly small niche audience, so it’s really hard to describe. The term I’ve seen a lot of people throw around in reference to them, though, is “drone metal”. Like, for anyone that reads this that knows metal and knows what sub-genres like doom metal and funeral doom are, this should tell you how extreme and polarizing Sunn O)))’s sound is: bands that think of themselves as true doom metal have actually spoken out against Sunn O))) before, because of just how far they push it. There’s no harmony, no melody – it’s just tone. It’s incredibly heavy, but heavy like no other band you’ve ever heard. I don’t know – like I said, it’s phenomenally hard to describe. Their live performances, from what I’ve heard and seen, completely redefine the phrase “wall of sound”. Look them up if you’re feeling adventurous.


1. Garrett Macfalda - September 28, 2009

Just saw the band live about two hours ago. They played in a historic chapel here in Athens, GA, and the sound was incredible. There’s no rhythm to be had at a show of theirs, and you’d better bring ear protection- it was loud enough to set off the fire alarms. Loud enough that the fire alarms were inaudible behind the primordial roar of the band. Have I mentioned that they are utterly devoid of a drummer? That this sound comes out of one electric and one bass guitar? This band is a must-see, a pre-human religious experience.

2. Jordan - October 2, 2009

Hi, Garrett! Thanks for dropping by, and for your comment!

I’m seriously JEALOUS of you right now. Those guys, in a CHAPEL? That would be amazing! I’ve had a really hard time even figuring out how to describe them to the unaware, especially friends of mine who aren’t that familiar with metal. I’ve heard that they have played some shows with Attila, Mayhem’s vocalist, which I think would just be stunning.

3. Garrett Macfalda - October 2, 2009

That’s who I saw! Attila Csihar is ridiculous live. The show was spellbinding. Attila told us that he was a bit distraught over the fire alarms going off for the first show, due to the sheer decibel level, but they had it shut off for Monday night’s show. Personally, I thought the asymmetrical flashes and chirps of the horn-strobes added to the disorienting effect of a Sunn O))) show, but hey. I got to see them twice, in a historic chapel, from twenty feet away. I can’t complain.

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