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Sunn O))) February 23, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Music.
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For anyone who’s interested in music that really stretches the limits of heavy metal – actually, scratch that. Music that really stretches the limits of the very idea of music – listen to Sunn O))). Yes, that’s the name of the band – “Sunn O)))”. It’s pronounced as “sun”. I found this archived¬†New York Times piece¬†about them to be absolutely fascinating. This stuff is … well, it’s generally aimed at an incredibly small niche audience, so it’s really hard to describe. The term I’ve seen a lot of people throw around in reference to them, though, is “drone metal”. Like, for anyone that reads this that knows metal and knows what sub-genres like doom metal and funeral doom are, this should tell you how extreme and polarizing Sunn O)))’s sound is: bands that think of themselves as true doom metal have actually spoken out against Sunn O))) before, because of just how far they push it. There’s no harmony, no melody – it’s just tone. It’s incredibly heavy, but heavy like no other band you’ve ever heard. I don’t know – like I said, it’s phenomenally hard to describe. Their live performances, from what I’ve heard and seen, completely redefine the phrase “wall of sound”. Look them up if you’re feeling adventurous.