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completely awesome. February 18, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Movies, Music, Twilight.
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This is a song that is just … timeless. Nothing I can say about it even comes close to doing it justice. So beautiful. Fly Away Home is a wonderful movie, also.

And, just because Twilight is never a bad thing, this is one of my favorite scenes from the movie, which I mentioned in the post titled “mushroom ravioli” a couple of months back.

Also: check this out! This is our cat, and she likes the scene too! I’ll bet she’s Team Edward 😉


1. bianca - February 19, 2009

hey guy! i’ve just read your letter to all the girls that love twilight!
you couldn’t have been more perfect with those words!
i’m fond of you now!!
i’m happy to know that guys like you exist!!sensitive, honest and straigh!! LOL

2. spreadhopelikefire - February 19, 2009

Well thank you! It’s always nice to know that someone appreciated what I said – Do you have a blog?

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