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mushroom ravioli. January 3, 2009

Posted by Jordan in Movies, Thoughts, Twilight.
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You know what’s probably my favorite scene in Twilight? It’s only a couple of minutes long, but I LOVE the scene when Edward and Bella go to the restaurant in Port Angeles. It’s just so simple and beautiful. “Never Think” fits perfectly in the background … the lighting’s almost muted, like candle light, so that their faces seem to be more illuminated by something in between them than by anything around them, just as their relationship is. Their love is kept vital by their hearts, not by any outside influences. They don’t need a reference point or anyone else to tell them how they should feel, because they know exactly what they should be feeling when they look at each other in that restaurant, sitting at that table. Just before Edward says to Bella that he lacks the strength to stay away from her, the anguish in his face is heartbreaking. And then, after she says “then don’t” … they both look so fascinated, so enthralled by each other, that to me, it’s frustrating when the shot cuts away to them in his car. It’s wonderful to see them look at each other like that.


1. lpham12 - February 17, 2009

the scene that you’re describing… i can visualize it from the movie but i think i like the book version better. i don’t think stephanie meyer is that great of a writer but perhaps the hype of rpattz makes the movie scene too… romantic? now i’m going to have to rush home tonight re-read the passage in the book. (don’t get me wrong, i heart the hell out of rpattz…)

2. spreadhopelikefire - February 18, 2009

Hey – thanks for the comment, and for reading! And I can understand what you mean, as far as preferring the book version – quite understandable, considering, in the book, we just hear a whole lot more between E & B, and it’s fascinating.

So yeah, I wasn’t trying to compare the scene in the movie with the way it’s written in the book – I was just kind of rambling, lol. Although it’s still gotta be my favorite scene in the movie! It’s just beautifully done, and I LOVE the scene outside, as well, before E & B go in – Jessica and Angela are completely fantastic, with how floored they are by seeing the two of them show up together, and I think that’s one of the scenes in the movie when KStew’s awkwardness and stuttering works perfectly, because she has no idea how to react to him! After he offers to drive her home, the three girls are great.

3. lpham12 - February 18, 2009

so i totally forgot to read the passate last night but i see why you like this scene so much. i love the interaction with angela and jessica too, where he slowly wins (or dazzles) them over. i also love that it’s so obvious that the waitress has eyes for just him and he has eyes only for Bella. *that* is my fave part.

4. '86 Rabbit - February 18, 2009

This is one of my favorite scenes, both in the book and in the movie. I of course think the scene in the book is much better, but it was one of the more well done of the scenes in the movie. Even though I pictured it very differently, it somehow felt the same. It’s hard to describe.

J you’re right about the girls outside. They were great, and in that context Kristen’s stammering isn’t so awkward. At the table, I felt like Rob was trying to connect with Kristen but she just wasn’t into it. Maybe Rob’s supposed off screen advances made her have her guard up on screen. I don’t know. Her performance as Bella baffles and fascinates me. I’ve seen her in several films and think she is great. Bella should be a great part for her but it seems like she feels awkward and so Bella looks awkward. It’ll be interesting to see her performance as Bella under the same writing, but new direction.

5. spreadhopelikefire - February 18, 2009

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot to consider with Kristen’s performance – as I mentioned in a comment on LTT, I think one of the reasons she has been criticized that perhaps doesn’t get mentioned as much as it should is because, logically speaking, some of her character’s progressions just aren’t explained as much as they should be. This isn’t as big of an issue for Twilighters like us that love the books and know the story, but for viewers of the film that are previously unfamiliar, I can see why it would be a potential stumbling block.

There’s a huge part of Bella’s thoughts in the first book that are just that – thoughts. Not dialogue. At least not in the conversations that the book shows. That point, I think, is glossed over a bit too much, because the filmmakers not having a good way to translate all that inner monologue on screen isn’t Kristen’s fault. The nearest approximation to inner monologue, as far as movies go, is narration, and it’s understandable that, a large majority of the time, people that make movies based on books don’t want the voice of one of the characters constantly talking over everything.

I also am looking forward to seeing what she is able to do in New Moon, and with a different director. It will definitely take a lot of work on Chris Weitz’ part to “fine-tune” her emotions, especially during scenes like in the woods after Edward leaves, and her cliff-diving scene. I’m also curious to see how they handle Bella hearing Edward’s voice.

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