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i don’t know. November 7, 2008

Posted by Jordan in Thoughts.
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no one understands. they find the cold to be prohibitive, discouraging, counterintuitive. i don’t get that. at all. those days … overcast and that breeze in the air. it’s chilly … it’s invigorating. that dusk period – the smell in the air – of rain. with the layers of clouds above, it’s almost like, even when you’re outside, you’re still indoors. like the roof of the stadium has closed. makes everything feel much more intimate. it’s like … you’re just closer to everything. the world seems smaller. so beautiful, so natural, and it’s also evenings like that which can make one realize, quite profoundly, that it’s a crime against all that is good to spend the time alone. no one understands the vitality of simple pleasures anymore. the cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, the hoodie with the hood up, the putting your hand in the little pocket on the front of her hoodie to hold hands so she doesn’t have to take her hand out, how pure it feels to just be – to just realize how incredibly hard it is to think of anywhere else you would rather be and anyone else you would rather be with. as much as i love the weather, i also hate it. i’m dreading it. i don’t want to spend winter alone.



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