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wooooow September 14, 2008

Posted by Jordan in Politics.
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This, right here, is just amazing:


Really? REALLY??? SIXTY-SIX MILLION?? That’s mind-blowing! McCain raised $47 million in August, which is a new record for him as well, and who could have possibly predicted that would barely be two-thirds of what Obama raised? I mean, $77 million cash on hand? wow. WOW. This race is just getting crazier and crazier as time goes on, and I can’t believe that Election Day is just over seven weeks away! If I had a candidate that I could actually stand behind comfortably, then I would be all set, but alas, no such luck. It’s looking to be really, REALLY close – it has been my opinion from the beginning that the Palin selection would either really be the shot in the arm that McCain has so desperately needed or it would end up causing the whole thing to crash and burn, and I think, depending on who you ask, that it’s kind of done both so far. She’s really energized a lot of the grassroots conservatives, and McCain has been looking better in the polls, even pulling ahead of Obama by a point or two in some of them. Of course, as far as most Democrats are concerned, McCain could not have ever possibly made a worse choice in a million years, and it’s a tragically obvious sign of his pandering to former Hillary Clinton supporters, even though that reasoning makes no sense whatsoever considering that Palin and Clinton are polar opposites on tons of issues. To go into Hubie Brown mode for a second, if I’m a former Hillary Clinton supporter (which I am not), I’m staying as far away from Palin as I can get.

I finally spent some time on www.factcheck.org earlier, after hearing some buzz about it, and I found it quite interesting. I very much liked the reporting and debunking of statements from both the Left and the Right, with no immediately apparent signs of favoring one or the other. Good to see some sources of information that let people make up their own minds!


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